Providing Natural Spices and Agricultural produce directly from FARM TO HOME, seeks to create and promote great-tasting, healthier, organic products. We strive to grow our business with same honesty, integrity and sustainability, and great taste for all. To provide to our business associates a sales worth to remember it as a memorable one. To provide to the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value with a view to lead a socially-conscious businesses.


       Our vision is to create a better everyday life to the ultimate consumer directly or indirectly with reasonable price as we procure the produce directly from Farm. So, we save money together for a better everyday life. It’s a partnership for life long.

About Us:

       Nikila Enterprises was founded in the year 1991 as a proprietorship by Dr. S. Madegowda with lot of struggle and paucity for funds to start a humble business to sell Chalk Crayons. Coming from an agricultural family background to do business, were two extremes and challenging. But a person with natural flare for marketing skills which was inborn, was able to sustain and stay in the endeavour. Though the profit margin was minimum and to meet both ends, was carried for a period of Ten years. But in 2001, a break-through came in the form of rigging borewells to the Government of Karnataka to the rural area, was a blessing in disguise, as the same was connecting both business and rural sector from where he hails from, was a boon! Now the Company needed to register with all statutory requirements from unorganised to organized business. NIKILA ENTERPRISES was born officially. Now, the dream to go big which was dormant inside kindled inside him to export Iron-ore filings to outside the country and thus the real success story started to dawn! In 2011, Dr. S. Madegowda thought to start a manufacturing unit from the ongoing trading business. During this time Mr.Nanje Gowda brother of Dr. Madegowda, an authority on Inland fisheries Govt. of karnataka gave all moral support to promote the business to newer heights. During this juncture Dr. Madegowda came across Mr. Sreeprakash Earat, who was in his own business field since 1978 in Mining Sector and now an Executive Director-Operations & import/export at Nikila Enterprises, to start a Spices Industry to manufacture Spices powders like Turmeric, Coriander, Fenugreek, Cumin Cinnamon, Black Pepper etc., and procure Whole Spices like Cardamom, Clove etc., from the pristine farms and jungles. Alongwith it came the Instant food products like Besibele Bhath, Vangi Bhath etc.

The Industry was managed by total involvement from all the family members, viz: Smt. Maniamma, Executive Director-Production, wife of Dr. S. Madegowda and his children Smt. Nikitha (Computer Engineer), Aravind N Gowda(MBA-Marcketing) and Smt.Nikila (an MBA graduate), R. Vikas Gowda (MBA graduate) as Executive Directors-Sales & Marketing of the company. The company chiefly manufactures and supplies to the WHOLESALE consumers in bulk. As the Company got established with good customer base, in 2017, Dr. S. Madegowda with his dynamism thought to export all agricultural produce with a concept of FROM FARM TO HOME has started the journey with small steps to export Maize and Maize Grits to start with and extend to other agricultural products and also has mobilized to export the Whole Spices……THE JOURNEY HAS STARTED WITH SURE AND DEFINITE VISION WITH A MISSION, TO BE ONE OF THE BEST STAR EXPORTERS, in near future……


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